Poster illustration for Montague Mouse of Montague, Arthur and Svea running through a field of heather. Art by Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2017. See more at

Finished Poster Art (One of Three)

In that moment on that day, the sun washed away the darkness from their mind and spirit. In that moment on that day, all that existed was the gentle wind of spring which caressed their faces as they tumbled through the fields of heather, euphoric with the scent of the fair flowers. In that moment on that day, everything was as it should be....

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Montague Mouse: The Merry Band 02 - Under Drawing © Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016

Poster Set – Under Drawings

When I was a child my grandmother had this painting hanging on her wall which showed a little cottage tucked in between a woodland and snow-clad mountains, with a dirt road winding its way up to the cottage. Partially spurred on by Narnia, I would stare at it and imagine what it would be like to wander up that dirt road and what adventures might lie hidden in the forest. I so wanted to walk into that painting....

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The animals of Moorwood is gathered to find their hero, art from

Teaser: Our Hero

(…) Marten’s gaze traveled from the owl to the fox, somewhere inside him a glimmer of hope sparked that Fox would volunteer himself but Fox looked away, frustration and pain evident on his features. He always prided himself on being an animal of action, but his red coat made him even more visible than the owl and although he was fast, Marten was undeniably faster and would have little trouble hiding, and Marten knew this....

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Montague Mouse Sculpture made in Sculpey by Danish artist Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Montague Mouse Sculpture

Here is a long overdue update! To assist with the illustrations for the Montague Mouse project, I attempted some sculpting for the first time in six years, I had such a blast working with this and definitely think I will do doing more sculpting in the future....

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Promotional illustration for, artwork by Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016. Please find more at

New Art: Montague’s Darkest Hour

I am going to a SCBWI Conference next month and I signed up for a portfolio review with the art director for Candlewick publishing. This poses a great opportunity for me to get the Montague Mouse project in front of a publisher’s eyes....

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