The Project


Are you ready for an adventure? Come along then! This is a story in progress, developed by award winning Danish illustrator Kiri Østergaard Leonard. On this website you will be able to follow the process as it takes shape and get a glimpse into the grand adventure to come.

The Story


Spot illustration of the sacred acorns for the story of Montague Mouse, art by, 2016

What happens when the hero fails?


A little boy, who wouldn’t grow up, once said: “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” And that is how this story begins; everything died.


Montague Mouse is a magical story of dark corners, perseverance, self doubt and above all hope.


Warning: This is a tale of misfortune, but even in misfortune fortune can be found.

The Creator


My name is Kiri Østergaard Leonard. I grew up in the small village named Boeslum in Denmark, Scandinavia surrounded by beautiful Northern nature and a wide variety of farmstead animals. While still living in Denmark I attended The Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus, before leaving my home country behind to pursue my studies in illustration at Pratt Institute in New York City. I now reside in Austin, Texas where I thrive as a full time illustrator.


I draw upon inspiration from my own childhood, along with nature, mythology, folklore and fairy tales. You can find my full illustration portfolio at

Montague Mouse and the Unicorn © Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016

The Characters

Montague Mouse


Our protagonist Montague (Pronunciation:ˈmɑːntəˌɡjuː) is a very small mouse. Up until tragedy struck he was content to spend his days munching on his favorite food and relaxing. Raised by Squirrels he is an avid climber and a huge fan of acorns.

Montague Mouse: Ride with Arthur


Arthur is a happy go unlucky frog and a fiercely loyal friend. In a swamp full of toads he is oddly enough also the only frog and abnormally bigger than most of his fellow amphibians.

More to come, check back soon!