Sketches: Setting the Stage

Setting Sketch © Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016

Sketches: Setting the Stage

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Hi there! If you have been following my Instagram you may have seen this one teased but here it is in its full sketchy glory along with some thoughts.


I was at a lecture about writing once where the person on the stand said that authors always envision their books as these beautiful hard cover, embossed, thick paper gorgeous prints but that was rarely the case, only big name authors get that options so we should relax our expectations and settle for the inexpensive flat print paperback.


I see his point, I do, but you have to dream big.

You can ALWAYS scale back but dialing it up once you have a finished product is a whole lot harder. Here is my vision: I want to make a heart wrenching and heart warming story and I want that story told in an absolutely beautiful book! Something you just can’t leave on the shelf but you want to take out and look at again and again.


Books most commonly have colored end pages, I’m dreaming about being able to do an illustration on mine – specifically this view of the setting which is a bit of a teaser for the first line of the story. I won’t reveal that line to you just yet although it is set in stone, it’ll be something for later – I can’t show all my cards at once.


This here is just the sketch and I’m hard at work doing the full color version, so please – check back later, there will be more artsy goodness!

I am working on the setting for #montaguemouse #drawing #sketching #sketchbook #workinprogress #artistsoninstagram

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