Hatching the Idea

Photo of the Montague Mouse Project working Sketchbooks

Hatching the Idea

In 2013 I made a drawing of a little mouse, the character had quite a bit of personality and he was shortly after named Montague Mouse by suggestion of a lovely cellist named Agibail Blackman on my Facebook Art Page.


A mouse in a leaf boat with a pile of acorns. Illustration by Kiri Østergaard Leonard. See more at KiriLeonard.com I did another couple of drawings with the same character and really had fun drawing him. From the artwork it was clear he loved acorns and there was a story… somewhere.


I brought the Illustration along to conventions and art shows. It received such a positive response, people were intrigued about the character and wanted to know more but the tale of the little mouse was still elusive to me.


Fast forward a couple of years! (Sometimes projects just need to hatch for a while)

Now in this shiny new year of 2016 – Montague Mouse is finally ready to tell his tale and I hope you will enjoy following along with the process as the project develops.


Facebook Art Page
Kiri’s Illustration Portfolio

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